Campaign for violet and white  //  Our aims

Let us present our aims!

The violet and white campaign (Initiative violett-weiß) is a nationwide Austrian union of Austria Salzburg supporters.

Our major aim is to be able, in the future, to support a team playing in violet and white colours. Our identification with the club is not primarily based on success on the pitch but rather on parameters defining and identifying a football club such as club colours, tradition and history. In our view club colours play an important role in the supporters' interconnection and association with their club.

We totally disagree, that team colours are a negligible and ridiculous part. The colour of a team’s shirt is an elementary part of identification, a part that accompanies us for a long time. These colours are still part of the club’s official statutes, but in reality the colours have been taken form us.

In principle, we welcome Red Bull for the good and the benefit of Salzburg’s football. Simultaneously, we unalterably believe that a club can only work when attention is paid to the club’s supporters and fans. So far, no attention has been paid by the club’s officials.

We do not intent to work against the new owner or the new decision-makers. We stand behind our passion – Austria Salzburg ! TOGETHER we want to go through a successful future. In order to achieve that aim, we are willing to negotiate in a reasonable way. Our concerns should be presented in a reasonable way and we want to be accepted as a reasonable dialogue partner.

We disassociate ourselves from insults and any form of violence against Red Bull, the club and its staff and the team respectively. We place our emphasis on information and creativity.

A campaign named “Give us our violet back!” is under way. News will follow soon.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail. We would appreciate it to hear from you.
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