For a successful future including violet and white!

The Initiative violet & white (IVW) has already gained respect and press coverage and solidarity across Europe for its advocacy for the colours and tradition of the club Austria Salzburg. From the beginning, the goal of the IVW was to have a dialogue with the clubs new owner Red bull to answer these problems. This solution should pave the way to a successful and conjoined future.

From the IVWs view, the following points are indispensable for a solution:

1. The colours

The beloved colours violet and white have to be a major part of the clubs identity. As an outer sign, the clubs kit has to be configured in theses colours absolutely out of question. The IVW has worked out several purposes as it is common sense in other clubs with a respectful and running fan culture.

2. Date of formation and history

A tribute to the year 1933, formation of the club, has to be more than a paid lip service. As well as this date, also the history and achievements in the past have to be integrated in the communication of the club. It ist important to establish a point “history and success” on the homepage www.redbullsalzburg.com

3. The south stand

The stands where the clubs very own fans support their team are the heart and soul of every football club in the world. Consequently, the “Curva Sud”, acknowledged as one of the country’s best kops, has to get back its ancestral position behind the goal. Concerning the upcoming conversions for Euro 2008, the fans´ requests have to be taken into consideration.

4. Banning orders

The clubs commitment to overrule the banning orders, especially for those who are banned wrongly, have to be converted.

5. Dialogue

A permanent dialogue between fans and club shall be the basement for a successful and more important conjoined future.

These demands are not called in self-interest of the IVW, they are demanded in the considered opinion, that this is the only way, including the entitled interests of the brand Red Bull, for having a solid basement and position in the battle for the future.
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